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(For people that Live & Work in Brookings)

IT'S IRONIC, but those who work, and those who remain mostly self-sufficient, qualify for virtually "NO" help from our social service organizations.


Our Mission, Vision & Purpose is to...



PREVENTING individuals and families from entering or remaining in the cycle of poverty.

RESTORING self- sufficiency.

EMPOWERING individuals and families to continue to work hard, make good choices and reposition                                                              themselves for their future.


Every day the My Neighbor Program works with the purpose of:

Promoting self-sufficiency or to return people to self-sufficiency by:

  1. Extending Help Through Information (education) and Referrals
  2. Providing Qualified Financial Assistance
  3. Connecting Those That Need Help (crisis help, short-term or otherwise) With Those That Are Willing and Able to Give Help

My Neighbor will:

  1. Utilize the Available Resources and Tools to help Solve Crisis Situations
  2. Prevent This Same Situation from Re-Surfacing
  3. Improve Someone’s Situation for the Long Term, In Essence Creating a Self-Reliant Member of our Brookingings Community

Contact Us

*For People that LIVE & WORK  in Brookings

Remote Office

Mailing Address:


Brookings, SD 57006

Phone: +1 605 6913225 +1 605 6913225


* It is HIGHLY recommended that you complete the ONLINE request form, as this will contain a Release Authorization that needs to be in place to proceed. Otherwise a paper copy can be mailed to you... it will just take longer.


It is important to leave a message and if you have breaks during your work day please state when those are and every attempt will be made to connect with you  when you are available.

E-mail: info@myneighborbrookings.net

The Process...

Our Missions is to help  our commuity members who are hard working and other wise self sufficient, but are in crisis and budget difficulty when their paycheck is not enough.

Each person or family who requests help from MY NEIGHBOR  starts with an INITIAL PRE-ASSESSMENT to determine the most efficient and effective way to help you in your crisis.


If it is determined that the My Neighbor program is a able to financially assist, the Requester goes through an in-depth assessment process to determine a plan of action with LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS.



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